Zucchini Séance

For the past week the Philippines has been slammed into by two typhoons and a monsoon causing torrential downpours all over Northern Luzon. Powerful winds send palm trees tumbling into power lines which have led to several blackouts in our neighborhood.

One of the days, I went over to Erin’s house to bake some molasses cookies and zucchini bread with her and Lauren (Both teachers at Brent). I was particularly excited to bake with Erin because she is a master baker and famous among the Brent Faculty for her savory cakes & pastries. Don’t even get me started on her caramel corn or cinnamon rolls!

I know what you’re probably thinking “Zucchini bread? Really?” Yes! Trust me! It’s deliciously sweet and somewhat resembles banana bread to an extent. Here is a link to a similar recipe to the one Erin had.

While we were getting started, the winds and rain outside was resonating on the roof and the power suddenly went out.

Without missing a beat Erin brings her candles out as we continue to get all of our ingredients ready to prep. None of us have ever cooked by candlelight, so it was a neat experience and we had a great ambiance going on. Since the oven wasn’t working, we prepared the dough for both batches of cookies and bread. Needless to say, there was some molasses cookie batter sacrificed in the process.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Scannell

The following day Erin swung by the house with some goodies for us! The Zucchini bread and cookies turned out wonderfully! Seems like the Zucchini spirits were rooting for us that evening.


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